Trusted Certified Arborist in Central Florida

Closer up a tree cutting limbsThink just anybody can take care of the trees in your yard? Think again. You need the expertise of a certified arborist in Central Florida, to ensure that your trees are healthy and receiving the right type of care they need to continue to flourish in your yard.

Hacking away at limbs can end up only causing you bigger problems in the future. A Cut Above Tree & Landscape, Inc. provides you with an arboriculturist and tree surgeon that is able to better understand your trees and what is needed to deliver the results you are looking for--both for your landscape as well as for the trees themselves. Never leave your tree care in the hands of an amateur; call us to make sure your trees and shrubs are being maintained by a true “tree doctor.”

Specialized Service for Your Trees

You might be asking yourself, “What makes a certified arborist any more qualified to maintain my trees than any other landscaper in the area?” The answer is that a credentialed, certified arborist is someone who has a minimum of three years’ full-time experience working in the professional tree care industry. Not only that, but they have also passed an extensive examination that covers all facets of arboriculture.

When you work with a certified arborist, you are working with someone who can deliver a high level of assurance to you that your trees will not be damaged or mutilated when they work on them. Furthermore, we are able to help you better understand the effects of a particular treatment for your trees as well as recommend any ongoing treatments to ensure you continue to get the results you are after.

All of this adds up to trees that not only look better in your yard, but also trees that are healthy and are not causing potential harm to your landscape, property, or visitors. Just like you wouldn’t want to go to a podiatrist for an eye examination, you don’t want to leave the health and well-being of your trees in the care of a standard lawn maintenance company. Get the best for your property by calling our arboriculturist whenever you need tree care for your landscape.

Trimming Trees

Free Estimates for Your Tree Care

Interested in getting some work done on your trees? Then feel free to give us a call to learn just how easy and affordable it is to care for the shrubs and trees in your yard. We absolutely love trees and take great pride in our ability to improve their health and appearance for clients like you. We offer free estimates to our clients and are confident that once you meet with us you are going to know you made the right choice to choose us.

Contact us to learn more about how our certified arborists can make sure your trees are healthy and safe. Our tree care services are available to clients located throughout the Central Florida area.