Helpful Tree Trimming in Central Florida

Worker Standing with Tree TrimmerThere are many different reasons to consider tree trimming in Central Florida. For some people it is to enhance the overall aesthetic of their landscape. For others it might be to remove troublesome branches from over their homes, cars, powerlines, or sheds. There is one other reason that most people may not realize—pruning is actually good for your trees when it is performed by a trained and certified arborist!

A Cut Above Tree & Landscape, Inc. understands all of the different aspect of tree care and are excited to show you how general maintenance can make your trees, and yard, thrive. Our tree doctor understands just how prevalent trees are in our everyday lives and we want to help you manage the risks associated with daily interactions with them.

Maintenance Pruning & Trimming

This is the type of tree pruning most people think about when they are looking to work with an arborist. Trees that have branches and limbs that are too close to the house, drooping over parking spaces, or are too low to walk under can cause all sorts of frustrations and even dangers.

Through regular maintenance pruning, typically performed on a two-to-three year cycle, these troublesome limbs are expertly removed. This helps the trees remain healthy while also removing the risk of branches crashing down on your property and causing damage.

Structural Pruning & Trimming

Usually performed when a tree is young, this is a great way to ensure a healthy, strong crown is formed at the top of your tree. This creates a much more structurally secure tree that won’t put your property at as much risk in the future.

Why do these young trees need structural pruning? Well, young tree pruning corrects co-dominant leaders and weak angles of branch attachment. This helps to give the tree a much better chance of surviving a storm event later on in its life.

Aesthetic Pruning & Trimming

A well-trimmed tree is capable of drastically enhancing the beauty and value of your landscape. Our tree doctor knows where and how to prune your trees so that they end up looking their very best while ensuring no unnecessary damage is caused to them or your property.

Worker Using Tree Trimming Tool

The Smart Way to Care for Your Trees

There is no need to mince words—tree trimming and pruning is a job that should only be performed by professionals. No matter how simple the job might seem at first, trimming a tree is a dangerous job for you, your property, and your tree if you do not know what you are doing up there.

Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we are more than happy to provide you with references from our past jobs. Our experienced arborists understand the importance of proper tree care and are familiar with any tree you could potentially have in your yard. That means they can efficiently, effectively, and safely trim it for you.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits that come with trimming, pruning, or cutting your trees. Our local tree experts provide their assistance to clients located throughout the Central Florida area.